Samplers Revisited

New idea for stitching Bargello Crab!

This beautiful rendition of my Bargello Crab was stitched by Marylander Leslie Eldridge and she has kindly shared it with us to copy her idea of colors befitting gifting it to a military friend (or if you like a Patriotic look).  I will publish a key to these new colors on the page where you can find more specifics on Bargello Crab and also in all the charts going out after today they will have an addendum inserted into the chart pack.  What a clever idea!  Leslie used silks and her chosen fabric was 32 count Picture This Plus Feldspar.  Congrats on a great stitch Leslie!

I am currently working on more Periodic Table charts with stitchy themes as well as some more Great Pumpkins, all to be revealed starting later this spring so stay tuned!

Happy stitching,