Samplers Revisited

Nashville Releases for February 2015

Samplers Revisited  is happy to announce that there will be 7 new charts debuted at Nashville Market at the end of February.  3 reproduction samplers and 4 Coastal Collection charts.  You may view them all with details in  the "New Charts" section of the website.  Each reproduction chart brings something a little different to the mix.  Ann Smith 1809 is a Quaker sampler from Westtown school in Chester County, PA.  Ann Smith 1809

Hay Cairns 1840 is from Weymss, Scotland on the East coast off the North Sea.  I love her articulated capital letters.

Hay Cairns 1840

The last sampler is Sarah Green 1849.  An interesting Adam and Eve sampler stitched by an 8 year old.  We think she lived in northern England near the Scottish border, but with a name as plain as that we are not sure!

Sarah Green 1849

Next there are 4 charts in the Coastal Collection for quicker stitching.

Blessed Are We Who Live By The Sea looks great hanging over your front door, done in your two favorite colors:

Blessed Are We Who Live By The Sea

Then there is a great British motto with a little tweak: Keep Calm and Think of the Beach

Keep Calm and Think of the Beach

Then there is another chart you can choose to stitch in your two favorite colors:  Life is Better at the Beach

Life is Better at the Beach

and last for Marylanders, our favorite Crustaean the blue crab and our flag decked out in Maryland colors:  Maryland Flag Crab

Maryland Flag Crab

I hope you enjoy all the new charts.  Please email any questions you might have and look for these in your favorite stores in early March after Market.

Happy stitching,