Samplers Revisited

Reproductions, Adaptations and Originals by Patty Yergey

Samplers Revisited specializes in historical antique reproduction needlework charts for the discerning needleworker. The designs cover all levels of stitching excellence. Many of these designs were stitched by girls that did not have the finest teachers, linens, or threads. Samplers Revisited believes that these designs should be passed onto future generations along with the fancier charts of the well-educated and wealthy.

Samplers Revisited also designs original works with new, somethimes funky themes including Crabs, Pumpkins, Wine, and Chemistry! 

All charts from Samplers Revisited come keyed to DMC (including the ones that the models are stitched in silks) for your convenience.

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NOTE TO Retailers:  Samplers Revisited is now only distributed by Stitching Pretty Presents.  Please contact them at [email protected] or 301.604.0808 for all your orders.  If that does not work, contact us directly at [email protected]  Thanks!